Thokla pass. 2006 January. The "Himalaya. Tibet" exhibition

Exhibition "The Himalayas. Tibet" in Yoshkar-Ola, from August 18 to September 24, 2017, Republican Museum of Fine Arts, Gogol st., 12, August 18 - to September 24 2017

The exhibition introduces photographs taken in the course of expeditions of the International Public Organization (the headquarters in Samara) “The Centre of Spiritual Culture” to the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau from 2003 to 2014. 

Since 2011 November till now exhibition was held in more than 20 cities such as Moscow, St. Pitersburg, Vologda, Rybynsk, Ulyanivsk and so on. During this time ther were more than 150000 visitors.

The curator of the exhibition, +7(846)270-23-81.

Our Nepalese partner in organizing the Himalayan expeditions,, is the director Karna Bahadur Lama. 




From the Comments Book:

The mountains have always been exceedingly impressive!

The Himalayas are full of invitation.

Many thanks. May success and good luck wait upon you in your travels!

Marina, St.Petersburg

The Himalayas are the highest mountain system of the globe and make a huge curve stretching westwards from the East and separating off the Tibetan Plateau from the Indo-Gangetic Plains of India. The Himalayas are a unique place on the Earth with their highest peaks: Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Dhaulagiri, Cho-Oyu, Manaslu, Annapura, Shisha Pangma, and Nangaparbat. Ten of the fourteen mountains of 8,000 metres or higher are in the Himalayas. Vast spaces comparable in area with very large countries appear to be a majestic, beautiful, and actually little-known land. The region includes a cyclopean in its immensity mountain system of the Himalayas whilst the Tibetan Plateau is second to none in its extent and inaccessibility, in natural obstacles and architectonical landscapes, in rigorous climate and splendor.

The exhibition offers an opportunity of viewing glittering peaks of the Himalayas, rough off-shoots of the Tibetan Plateau, elevated lakes and rivers, ancient temples and monasteries and busy streets of Lhasa and Katmandu.

The photographs were taken by Yu.Rodichev, Anna Makarova and Elena Nikitina. They have performed nineteen expeditions to the highlands and taken 259 panoramic photographs that give a full-scale view of that unique corner of the planet. The exhibition is attended with films made by the expedition members in the course of their travels.

According to Yu. Rodichev, the permanent head of all travels, this is the first exhibition dedicated to the Himalayas after the ten years of annual expeditions to the highest uplands of the Earth. He also stresses the point that every exhibition on the Himalayas and the very climbing the mountains require long-term and careful preparatory work. He says: “We were anxious to show the beauty of the mountains to the people… Unfortunately, one can fail in conveying it in full, yet I hope that we have succeeded in presenting the little part we have seen ourselves.” It should be noted that Yu. Rodichev, now a man of 72, has ascended mountains over 7,000 metres high whilst carrying a rucksack of 12 kg in weight on his shoulders.

Съемочный процесс

As a matter of fact, only several photographs usually result from month-long climbing up the mountains. In addition, it so happened that they had to be stored in the archives for long ten years. No one knows how long the photographs would have to bide their time but for Yu. Rodichev’s colleagues and friends at the Nizhni Novgorod Art Museum. “We produced ‘The Himalayas – Tibet’ Photo Exhibition at the request of our colleagues and friends in Nizhni Novgorod,” says Yu. Rodichev, “so the first display was held in that very city, at the State Art Museum. Then the Exhibition moved to Cheboksary and stayed there for one-and-a-half months. The next city was Ulyanovsk. The Exhibition was opened at the Memorial Centre on February 1st 2012” 

Thereupon a part of the Exhibition came for the first time to Moscow. From 24th May to 27th May 2012, the photographs were displayed on the area of the Moscow Sokolniki Congress and Convention Centre in the framework of the international festival of accessible and elitist kinds of extreme sports, recreation and tourism “EXTREMEX”.

The exhibited pictures can be purchased on line - Широкоформатная печать фотопейзажей -